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Need Immediate Financial Assistance?

Pandemic Relief Funds

Amount: Varies. Could be as much as $1000.

Deadline: September 30, 2021 for those age 23 or older, or those whose cases ended in reunification. All funds end September 30, 2022. 

Can Spend On: Basic living expenses, transportation, technology, housing, tuition

For Whom:

  • Youth currently in foster care age 14 or older
  • Young adults aged 18-26 who were in foster care after their 14th birthday
  • Not eligible: youth served by Catholic Community Services, youth younger than 18 years old whose cases have closed

To Access: Contact the closest TAL Coordinator to where you live:


TAL Coordinators

Darcie Peterson,, 801-832-9743

Kristin LaFon,, 801-970-5811

Milton Gale,, 801-874-6600

Jeremy Rasmussen,, 801-319-5940

Reyna Martinez,, 435-213-6990

Nancy Dunn,, 801-395-5924

Jesse Sitterud,, 435-749-2986

Candace Jensen,, 435-749-2408

Jennifer Farnsworth,, 435-592-2238

Paige Pryor,, 435-233-0375

Natalie Clark,, 385-348-1274

Aubrey Myers,, 801-541-5705


To assist young adults in foster care through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden Administration released $400 million to distribute to young adults who have experienced care. Utah must distribute $2 million by September 2022. These pandemic relief funds are meant to land directly in the hands of youth and young adults in the system.

After September 30, 2021, young adults over 23 years old and those whose cases ended in reunification will no longer be eligible for these funds.

Please share this information with former foster siblings, former foster children, students, and friends to spread the word!

Contact us for help at 

Last Updated: 9/27/21